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About Cocotel

Ever wondered how Cocotel was formed? It started out as an idea back in December 2018 by the founders : Rafael Jouwena and Reginald Go when they read about a business disruption in the budget hotel industry and from there had the inspiration to apply this concept in the Philippines through focusing on local resorts & getaways. Once incorporated in 2019, they tested their idea by going to Boracay and signing their first 5 hotel clients.

Their services started out as converting hotel rooms into refurbished Cocotel rooms, which became the company’s signature ‘Cocotel Vibe’ service. These first five properties became Cocotel’s flagship properties and signaled the start of their services to business owners. However, it wasn’t an easy journey for the founders as they had limited resources to sustainably operate their business. In fact, they were manually encoding data to sheets in Microsoft Excel. Realizing their limitations, they applied for the Accelerator program in Ideaspace, which granted them much needed resources to refine their operations.

From then on, the company continued to expand and refine its services. By November of 2019, Cocotel had expanded from their first 5 clients, to around 26 clients (with their own respective hotels or resorts) before the pandemic struck. This was a difficult time for Cocotel, or for any business involved in the hotel and tourism industry, as there was essentially no business for more than a year. However, the team and founders stayed strong and continued to expand and operate when they could as they firmly believed that, once restrictions were eased or lifted, the people would be eager to travel. True enough, once the restrictions were eased, the country experienced a surge in demand for travel (dubbed revenge travel) to make up for all the time they spent in their homes.

With this they continued to build their brand and operations to the key aspects of location marketing where personalization is embodied through considering where the partnered resort is currently located in and based on the partner’s current branding while having a soft branding integration of Cocotel to their resorts as a way to further elevate the hotel and resort. This has resulted in 72 amazing hotels and resorts from around the Philippines. Cocotel’s had an explosive growth despite being a relatively new company. The founders say that they owe their success to their business model and the talented hospitality professionals in providing technology and digitalization of the hotel industry as it has resulted in overwhelmingly satisfied clients.

A partnership with Cocotel promises:

  • A unique relationship. The partner will continue to enjoy full ownership of managing their properties (unless stated otherwise) as well as its unique branding while benefiting from the 5-star worthy services that they availed of.

  • An average of 25-50% increase in occupancy rate.

  • To save up to $3,000 in property management systems as Cocotel includes this in their services for free.

Because of this relationship with the clients, Cocotel has a 97% retention rate of partners and the organization has only continued to refine its services.

The journey of Cocotel has only just begun!
Cocotel aims to be the biggest hotel getaway chain in Asia-Pacific by 2025!
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COCOTEL is a collection of getaway destination hotels & resorts in the Philippines and soon Southeast Asia.

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