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Cocotel International is a Filipino-owned hospitality-tech hotel brand and aggregator of getaway destination hotels and resorts across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. Boasting a portfolio of 140+ hotels and resorts in 50+ locations, Cocotel expertly manages properties and conducts digital marketing to elevate and optimize its partners' sales.

  • Save finances up to PHP 300,000 and get all these services for FREE:
    • online inventory management
    • channel management
    • sales and digital marketing management
    • social media management
    • property management system
    No subscription or setup costs
  • Boost and increase your digital presence to 500,000-1.2M people reach because Cocotel will provide you with personalized digital sales and marketing
  • Be present in over 30 online travel agency platforms, and be visible in several social media platforms to increase revenue
  • Focus and allocate more resources to resort operations. Cocotel is gaining an increasing number of bookings through the pandemic, generating 106% increase in room revenue from 2020 to 2021 in one of its partner resorts.
  • Achieve an additional 30% revenue within 3-6 months of the partnership

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Discover Lian

It was soon a popular target for holiday-lovers, and permanent cottages (even deluxe beach houses)

Planning for your next trip to Lian? We got you! Book your next trip with Cocotel. Best Price Guarantee!

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Discover Morong

Morong has many popular attractions, including Pawikan Conservation Center.

Get ready to go on a fun and exciting trip in Morong with awesome discount from Cocotel!

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Discover Nasugbu

Planning for your next trip to Nasugbu? We got you! Book your next trip with Cocotel in Nasugbu. A great destination for travelers with best Price Guarantee!

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Discover Santa Maria

Santa Maria is a city in Central Luzon, Philippines. It has many popular attractions, including La Asuncion de la Nuestra Senora Church, making it well worth a visit.

Find the best Santa Maria hotels by Cocotel!

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