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Cocotel International is a Filipino-owned hospitality-tech hotel brand and aggregator of getaway destination hotels and resorts across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. Boasting a portfolio of 200+ hotels and resorts in 60+ locations, Cocotel expertly manages properties and conducts digital marketing to elevate and optimize its partners' sales.

  • Save finances up to PHP 300,000 and get all these services for FREE:
    • online inventory management
    • channel management
    • sales and digital marketing management
    • social media management
    • property management system
    • revenue management
    No subscription or setup costs
  • Boost and increase your digital presence to 500,000-1.2M people reach because Cocotel will provide you with personalized digital sales and marketing
  • Be present in over 30 online travel agency platforms, and be visible in several social media platforms to increase revenue
  • Focus and allocate more resources to resort operations. Cocotel is gaining an increasing number of bookings through the pandemic, generating 106% increase in room revenue from 2020 to 2021 in one of its partner resorts.
  • Achieve an additional 30% revenue within 3-6 months of the partnership
  • CRS - Cocotel Reservation System (


Preferred Location*


Room and Operational Requirement:
- Minimal 15 rooms
- Must be operational and accepting bookings

Commitment to delivering top-notch customer service.
- Well-trained and courteous staff.

Quality Facilities:
- Comfortable and well-maintained rooms and amenities.
Cleanliness and Maintenance:
- Strict adherence to cleanliness standards.
- Regular maintenance and prompt resolution of issues.

Effective Communication:
- Clear and efficient communication channels.
- Responsiveness to inquiries and concerns.
Flexibility and Adaptability:
- Ability to accommodate special requests and preferences.
- Adaptability to changing guest needs and market trends.

Transparent Pricing:
- Clearly outlined pricing structures and policies.
- No hidden fees or unexpected charges.
Collaborative Marketing Efforts:
- Willingness to collaborate on marketing initiatives.
- Participation in joint promotions and events.

Guest Feedback and Improvement:
- Regularly seek and value guest feedback.
- Actively work on continuous improvement based on feedback.
Innovative Guest Experiences:
- Introduction of unique and memorable guest experiences.
- Keeping up with industry trends and innovations.

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