Travel with Cocotel: Venues for Events

Travel with Cocotel: Venues for Events

Celebrating events is a tradition for Filipinos. We celebrate religious events, non-religious events, and everything else in between. In fact, it’s harder to actually come up with reasons not to celebrate as we are, by nature, a joyful kind of people and we will always find an excuse to celebrate something, especially if it’s something big like a wedding or an anniversary.

For example, when the daughter of a family turns 18 years old, she would usually have a debut. A debut is a special milestone for the daughter as it signifies the beginning of their adulthood. This event usually involves a big celebration with dancing, gifts, and parties. And given that Filipinos are especially fond of taking ‘grammable’ pictures or looking good in photos in general, sometimes the perfect venue could make all the difference between an ordinary wedding and a wedding in paradise.

With this, If you’ve ever wanted to know where you could celebrate uniquely then Cocotel has a great selection of beautiful resorts, suites, and hotels, which are all available at affordable prices.

1. Severinas Garden Resort by Cocotel

Severinas Garden Resort by Cocotel pool view surrounded by trees.
An Experience of a Lifetime in Laiya

Alis na alis ka na ba? Come and experience a celebration with a unique blend of nature and comfort in Severinas Garden Resort by Cocotel! Treat yourself to a relaxing time in our garden, swimming pool, and various recreational activities like snorkeling and boat tours.

Location: San Juan, Batangas

Travel Time: 3-4 hour drive from Manila

Starting Price : Php 2,500 / night

2. JJB Aquafarm Resort by Cocotel

JJB Aquafarm Resort by Cocotel, view from the water slide with trees.
The New Deep Blue of Zambales

Feeling down? JJB or Just a Joyful Bakasyon (Not really what it stands for 🤣) is here to cheer you up with an aquatic celebration! JJB Aquafarm Resort by Cocotel is a family-friendly resort that’s surrounded by nature. It offers its beautiful locale, and refreshing atmosphere to its guests. More than this, they have a multi-function event hall for events and celebrations! Come and cool down with us in this relaxing resort.

Location: Castillejos, Zambales

Travel Time: 3 – 4 hour drive from Manila

Starting Price: Php 1,500 / night

3. The Lakeview Suites by Cocotel

The Lakeview Suites by Cocotel, view from the mountains.
Overlooking the mountains of Cavite

Ever wanted to celebrate high above the city? Ever wanted to sleep in the cool air and wake up in your log-cabin and to the view of Taal Lake before being served freshly made breakfast? Well, with The Lakeview Suites by Cocotel, we can turn that dream into reality. Come and celebrate to our scenic views, cool mountain air, and refreshing atmosphere.

Location: Brgy. Kaybagal South, Tagaytay

Travel Time: 1 – 2 hour drive from Manila

Starting Price: Php 2,300 / night

4. Casa Alegria Tagaytay by Cocotel

Casa Alegria Tagaytay by Cocotel, pool view overlooking the hills.
A Breathtaking View of Nature in Tagaytay

Peace and serenity. These are the qualities we look for when trying to have a quiet celebration. More than that, these are also qualities we look for when we are trying to be far away from things that bother us. With this in mind, Casa Alegria Tagaytay by Cocotel beckons you to spend some quality time away from the city in their bed and breakfast hotel. Great food, magnificent sights, and fantastic nights await you here in the new summer experience in Tagaytay.

Location: Tagaytay City, Sungay North

Travel Time: 1 – 2 hour drive from Manila

Starting Price: Php 5,000 / night

5. 8 Dragons Private Resort and Events Center by Cocotel

8 Dragons Private Resort and Events Center by Cocotel, pool view with lights.
Your home away from home in Silang

Looking for a place to celebrate peacefully? 8 Dragons Private Resort and Events Center by Cocotel is here to provide you with a luxurious experience from the East. Enjoy comfortable rooms and beautiful events center, and other recreational activities in this private resort.

Location: Silang, Cavite

Travel Time: 1 – 2 hour drive from Manila

Starting Price: Php 2,200 / night

6. Casa Alegria Antipolo by Cocotel

Casa Alegria Antipolo by Cocotel, pool view overlooking the city.
City-scapes view in Antipolo

Look at the ‘lights’, look how they shine for you! 🎶 Casa Alegria Antipolo is the ideal spot for travelers to explore the city as it is only 5 km away from the city center. With a view like no other from their outdoor pool and activities like karaoke, you will surely have fun in your getaway! See you soon!

Location: Antipolo, Rizal

Travel Time: 1 hour drive from Manila

Starting Price : Php 3,410 / night

7. Heidi Sanctuary by Cocotel

Heidi Sanctuary by Cocotel, pool side with beach chairs.
A relaxing stop by the pool in Pampanga

Higa-higa lang tayo dito! 😌 Are you looking for a relaxing getaway celebration? Then look no further as this is the perfect place to be immersed in the simplicity of nature and enjoy their garden, outdoor pool, and spacious & clean villas. Tara na sa Heidi Sanctuary!

Location: Angeles, Pampanga

Travel Time: 2 hour drive from Manila

Starting Price : Php 5,000 / night

8. Casa Basilisa by Cocotel

Casa Basilisa by Cocotel, resort view.
Simply Paradise from the inside out in Bicol

Gandang ‘di mo inakala! 😉 Relaxation & rejuvenation are the two things that you can achieve in Casa Basilisa. In this resort, you can celebrate while being in the center of world renowned eco tourism sites in Bicol such as the Mayon Volcano, Donsol Whale Sharks (Butanding), and the CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC), it is enables exploration of this province but these wonders never fail to surprise. Come over and celebrate in paradise with us! 

Location: Guinobatan, Albay

Travel Time: 1 hour 10 min travel by Airplane

Starting Price : Php 2,200 / night

9. Kawayan Kiling by Cocotel

Kawayan Kiling by Cocotel, view from above, overlooking the pools.
Surrounded by Nature & Friends in Pangasinan

Kini-Kiling naman ako! 😍 Kawayan Kiling is your all around resort, from celebrating important life events like weddings to team buildings to relaxing by their various pools. You will surely feel the butterflies, here at this resort in Pangasinan. See you soon!

Location: San Carlos, Pangasinan

Travel Time: 3-4 hour drive from Manila

Starting Price : Php 1,200 / night

10. Buddha Resort by Cocotel

Buddha Resort by Cocotel, view form the pool.
A Magical Place to Relax in Pangasinan

This resort is swim-pressive! 🏊‍♂️ Located in the bustling province of Pangasinan, Buddha Resort is the place you come to for peace and celebration. With different amenities like their gym to karaoke, to function rooms, you would surely enjoy your next getaway with family, friends, and even co-workers. Peace be with you and don’t forget to check us out! 

Location: Bunggalon, Pangasinan

Travel Time: 4 hour drive from Manila

Starting Price : Php 1,750 / night

Are you looking for resorts near beautiful beaches instead?

Interested in hidden and unique getaway destinations?

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